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See the latest photos of the Wandi House in our project gallery to see our straw bale construction masterpiece! (pictured right) Note: Wandi House designed by others. Expert straw bale construction by Strawtegic. Welcome to Strawtegic Concepts, professional straw bale builders and eco-building designers of Perth and country Western Australia 31 Properties from $190,000. Find the best offers for your search straw bale. Straw bale home must be seen in order to capture its true essence. The moment. 692m2 block with recently approved d.A for a eco friendly 3 bedroom home solar passive design, using natural martial ( straw bale ). Quiet cul Builders cost money, and the fact is that there are not many builders in Australia who are willing to work on straw bale. If you're in New South Wales, Viva is a straw bale house building company you could look into

For example, when people say that a straw bale home is too expensive when compared to conventional construction, they are not typically comparing apples to apples. The comparison they make is based on the home's square footage; i.e. a 1500 SF bale house costs 10% more than a 1500 SF conventional house So we built a straw bale building about 10yrs ago (as practice) followed by a straw bale house. All permitted etc non load bearing yada yada. There's a lot I know now that I wish I knew then and somethings that have changed drastically (like price associated with farming practices) The general availability of straw bales is good, with many settled parts of Australia being within an hour or so of wheat or rice straw supplies. Straw bale is a low cost material but requires labour-intensive construction techniques. Projects that incorporate some volunteer or workshop-based construction can deliver cost savings

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If all the rice straw in the Riverina of N.S.W. was baled and used to build an average 200 square metre straw bale house, then we could build 48,000 straw bale homes on an annual basis. So, rice straw alone could build the walls of approximately 1/3 of all new homes built in Australia annually. A straw bale wall system has very low embodied energy Labor costs are usually at least 40% of the overall cost, so there is a potential for savings if the owners can do some of the work themselves. But building a strawbale house is no easier than building a conventional house: building any house is a complex and difficult undertaking requiring specialized knowledge in many areas AUSTRALIA John on 0498 190 880 Susan on 0412 11 61 57 Email: [email protected] We hold a contractors licence* issued by the NSW Department of Fair Trading 80594C. John Glassford is the Founder of AUSBALE and it's Charter President. *The licence is issued for the construction of straw bale walls, the only one issued in Australia so far

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In this video, you can see how we built complete STRAW BALE HOUSE. Built costs around 20k. House is located in Slovenia.You can support the channel here:http.. After finishing his own house Dave was hooked and he knew that he just had to keep building with straw. He has since built many outstanding straw bale homes in the Perth hills and areas of country Western Australia. Dave also runs regular training workshops so he can teach everyone the techniques of expert straw bale building

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  1. There were a number of concerns that Joel and Cath had to address before they decided to build a straw bale house including the fear about how straw bale homes would cope in a bushfire. The house has a bushfire attack level rating of 29. The Meadow's home has a BAL 29 rating
  2. Straw House B and B is a unique property. Being made of straw bale and stucco, this creates a space that is both warm in winter, and cool in summer. Our aim is to become self sufficient; adding solar hot water, solar for electricity and growing fruit and vegetables to start
  3. A strawbale house may cost the same if not more than the conventional house. Owner built, simple structures can cost very little, and there have been homes built for well above $1million. There are many variables that go into building a house such as: the size and complexity of the building; the complexity of the sit
  4. There are many catch-words used these days to describe energy efficient homes built with natural materials and respect for the land: green, eco-friendly, pas..
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  6. Book your stay at The Last Straw - Luxury Straw Bale House: check availabilities, prices, facilities and guest ratings for the best stay on your Australian adventure

The straw bales hold enough air to provide good insulation value, but because they are compacted firmly, they don't hold enough air to permit combustion. *In 1993 the New Mexico Straw Bale Construction Association commissioned SHB Agra to test strawbale walls for fire resistance Straw bale homes are currently unregulated, so it's ultimately down to the builder to demonstrate that the house will adhere to the code. Special considerations Straw bales by themselves are obviously flammable, but when rendered in a wall they can outperform other more common building materials in terms of fire resistance

The cost of a straw bale house ranges from $100 per square metre for owner builders, up to $1000+ per square metre for architect designed houses. The result is an incredibly beautiful straw bale home, that feels fantastic and has insulation properties that are simply in a category of their own A simple and practical straw bale house design with french doors from living and bedrooms opening onto a courtyard or pergola'd oasis. North facing third bedroom (or study or snug) and two bathrooms. 133m2 of indoor space from $270,000

Guest Post by Eco Films Australia - An independent production house based in Queensland's Sunshine Coast I am interested in building a straw bale chicken house.I am a 62 year old woman and have no idea how to build but want to learn.I live in Katoomba.Do you have any instruction booklets that I could purchase from you ? Hi penny how. A straw Bale house looking remarkably like an attractive regular home! Straw Bale SIPS will cost you about $18 per square foot of wall space, where a normal home is estimated anywhere from $16 to $25 per square foot. And at those prices, you are lucky to see a wall that performs half as well as straw Australia's eco-friendly building alternative. Hot, hot, hot!! Last Saturday we were forecast to get a maximum temperature of 43 degrees, so I thought that arranging a drive to Daylesford to repair a crack in a strawbale wall and meet some prospective clients was a pretty bright idea Contact Briad Hodge, PO Box 419, Heathcote 3523 Australia; 0428 2468 68 A carpenter with years of experience applies his craftmanship and skills to straw-bale building and shares what heÕs learned. Building with Straw: Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture (English version) (See Straw Bale Books in Other Languages section ) A small niche company, owned and operated by Karin & Alan Cameron which has become the leader in modern use of straw bale in construction within the Southern hemisphere. Their building system an excellent choice for a wide variety of building applications, from townhouse chic to rural lifestyle, including commercial projects, from golf.

Paja Construction has consulted straw bale construction projects all across the United States over the past 22 years. To determine how our straw bale construction experience can best serve you, we offer a complimentary consultation, please contact us if you are interested. Paja has consulted for hundreds of houses, and will work with clients on all or any part of a straw bale project Most straw bale walls are R-30, compared with the R-17 of a conventionally framed home. It's hard to beat the feeling of a straw-bale house, says Trey Warren, who has built six timber-frame homes with straw-bale walls from his location in Lander, Wyoming. They are quiet and warm, more like a womb than a room when you're inside Straw bale walls require well-made bales that have a minimum calculated dry density of 7 pounds per cubic foot. Tight strings! That is, for the average Aussie bale we need a dry weight of 36 pounds or 16 kilograms. Calculate the dry weight of a bale by reducing the actual bale weight by the weight of the moisture content

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Part of the appeal of using straw bale, apart from the opportunity to construct the walls on a DIY basis, was the cost. The couple bought their 310 bales from a local farmer for £1,000. Scheduling the delivery and erection of the bales was crucial. We wanted to get the straw bale walls up before the end of summer. And you need build the. This house was designed and built as a straw bale home, but you certainly can't tell by looking at it from the outside. With its modest and unassuming exterior, this home would fit in most any environment, from a rural setting to a more urban location. And thanks to its thick straw bale walls, it's both energy efficient and extremely quiet

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It makes straw bales very affordable, with a cost of $4 each approx. Manuela's house is a new construction located in Hilton. Being a granny flat , it is a small one storey house (approx. 75 sqm) but really well designed , featuring one spacious bedroom and one bathroom, a nice open plan living area with kitchen and a mezzanine level as a. Many straw bale homeowners opt to help with the construction, in part to reduce labor costs. Even contractor-built homes can suffer from the increased labor requirements of straw bale building. Despite their cheaper materials, straw bale homes cost 20 percent more than conventional structures when built by a contractor, according to StrawBale.com

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  1. Some of these simple straw bale buildings from over a 100 years ago are still being lived in today. Cost savings. Not only can a straw bale home often cost a little less money up-front than a brick-built home, by far the biggest financial savings come over time with energy efficiency
  2. Very innovative use of available materials. I have always been fascinated with straw bale construction. I built a chicken coop when I was living the in Big Valley in California out of two refrigerator boxes, 6 pallets, some 1x4 lumber and some chicken wire. The chicken wire was the only item that I actually purchased
  3. Find properties for sale listings at the best price. We have 24 properties for sale for straw bale house, priced from $850,00
  4. Meet Julia & John and their amazing self-built solar-powered straw bale home! They live in Central New York and took on the challenge of creating their own home with 1300 square feet of living space after participating in a straw bale building workshop
  5. Luckily there are plenty of straw bale house plans available online. In this article, we provide the top five straw bale house plans you can find on the internet today. (Note: It's always wise to have a certified professional approve any plans before you begin your straw bale construction.) 1. Compound 480 square feet straw bale house pla
  6. utes on 2 DVDs) This comprehensive DVD set contains invaluable information to help you save time and money on your straw bale building projects.The latest research in the field of straw bale design and construction is presented

Straw-bale construction was greatly facilitated by the mechanical hay baler, which was invented in the 1850s and was widespread by the 1890s. It proved particularly useful in the Nebraska Sandhills.Pioneers seeking land under the 1862 Homestead Act and the 1904 Kinkaid Act found a dearth of trees over much of Nebraska. In many parts of the state, the soil was suitable for dugouts and sod houses Latest technology in straw bale home construction comes to straw bale yourhome is straw bale construction right for your self build design me straw bale yourhome. Whats people lookup in this blog: Straw Bale Houses Western Australia


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  1. The straw bale architecture village (Pod 2) is the second of seven different sustainable village models.. The Straw Bale Village was chosen as the second village to be built because it demonstrates modularly expandable sustainable housing and a focus on family-based social spaces. It depicts the straw bale method of construction along with many eco-artistic external and functional internal.
  2. The Mirboo straw-bale house in Gippsland, Victoria, shown here and above, was constructed using straw bales as infill wall cladding between a timber post-and-beam structure. The structure was first built in place and the straw bales were then installed and pinned from top to bottom with timber stakes
  3. Additionally, a 23-in.-thick straw-bale wall has an R-value of about R-33, which means that a straw-bale house consumes less energy than its conventional counterpart. Above photos by Edward Caldwell. Drawing courtesy of Arkin Tilt
  4. Strawbale Building Australia. 389 likes · 1 talking about this. This page is for Australian fans of strawbale houses. Its main functions are eduction and promotion. A separate group has been set up..
  5. Building a straw bale and plaster house is a low-cost and environmentally friendly way to create a home. This guide covers the materials and methods you might use to build a straw bale house, a house that can last hundreds of years, is energy efficient and is cheap to maintain

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Mar 30, 2014 - Explore Hilario House's board Strawbale House, followed by 334 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about straw bale house, cob house, natural building Solid, rugged, inexpensive, and twice as fire-proof as conventional lumber, straw bale construction is an idea who's time has come In fact, what you need to worry about with a straw bale house is moisture. Water damage to a straw bales house can do more harm than it would to a normal wooden house. But, if you are planning on building a house in a dry, arid region then it could be the perfect option for your new home Get a leg up on the first Little Pig with The Straw Bale House, your guide to inexpensive, durable, earth-friendly construction that will stand up to much more than the Big Bad Wolf.Authors Athena Swentzell Steen and Bill Steen founded the Canelo Project, which promotes innovative building; David Bainbridge is a California restoration ecologist; and David Eisenberg is an alternative-materials. Straw bales are recommended in colder climates because of their insulating quality. Essentially the same basic clay mud straw slurry is used in constructing both types of buildings. Cob is using gobs of the mixture itself to construct your walls, and in straw bale construction the cob mix is applied to the outside if the bales to create a shell.

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  1. In between building straw bale houses and wineries we kept on refining the process over the past 8 years. Eventually we got an order to make 60 x 2.4 x 1.2 x 150 mm panels for a straw bale house that we were building in Kangaroo Valley, near Sydney. These panels were to be used for the internal walls and are non-load bearing
  2. The Straw House B&B Nr. Stanthorpe is a unique style of accommodation. The buildings are made of straw bales and stucco, making them both warm in winter, cool in summer and insulated from the outside world. You can either stay in a cottage on in the Big Straw House. The Straw House BNB is set on 22 acres which you are welcome to explore
  3. In fact, she is going to make use of the sizeable garden by building a series of straw bale structures that will be rented out to holidaymakers as an extra source of income. Spreading the word about low cost eco-homes is all part of the plan. We're going to invite people to come for practical training in building with straw, says Kim.
  4. StrawBale.com External - A straw bale building site dedicated to anyone interested in building their own straw bale house. Further Reading. Corum, Nathaniel. Building a straw bale house: the Red Feather construction handbook. New York, Princeton Architectural Press, c2005. 181 p. Lacinski, Paul, and Michel Bergeron
  5. Jun 5, 2020 - Explore Jason Stewart's board Strawbale Homes on Pinterest. See more ideas about building a house, house design, straw bale house
  6. Straw Bale House Paint by Number Kits, English Straw House Landscape DIY Kit Painting on canvas Home decor wall art for adult 16*20 £24.03+ Buyers are responsible for return postage costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value..

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The only energy needed to make a straw bale is in the bailing process and the transportation to the worksite. Other insulation materials, such as fiberglass, require a substantial amount of energy to produce. 7. Straw bales are 100% biodegradable—when the time comes. Straw Bale homes can last over 100 years if properly maintained It is priced by the bale and by location, currently where I am it sells for around $7.50 so $5.67 is a good price for a bale. Can I use this straw to put in my yard where my German Shepherd runs along my fence that is all m.. Straw bales were a fairly common building material in the United States between 1895 and 1940. Interest in straw-bale home construction began to re-emerge in the mid-1970s. But it wasn't until the mid- to late-1990s that building codes began to acknowledge it as a viable approach Apr 1, 2018 - Explore Natalie Simpson's board straw bale house, followed by 92289 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about straw bale house, straw bales, house design Straw-bale home construction is a building method that uses bales of straw (commonly: wheat, rice, rye, and oats straw) as structural elements, building insulation, or both.. The first straw-bale structures we know of were built about a hundred years ago by European settlers in the Sand Hills of Nebraska

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Straw bale house cost per square foot. To work out the cost of your project, you can use a straw bale house cost calculator based on the average cost per square foot being £111 to £140 per square foot.That will give you the main build cost of straw bale house, then add on any extras (plumbing, electrics, interiors, etc) to get to the total amount you need to budget for Straw bale construction is easy to learn (think stacking giant lego blocks), cost effective, and environmentally pretty much as friendly as it gets. Electrical wiring runs through the straw bale walls safely and plumbing is designed to stay out of the bales by building isolations within the walls to ensure that should there be a water leak in.

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The more than 200 straw bales she used were the waste product of two to three acres of wheat harvested about five miles from the house. And much of the structure's white oak, cherry, ash and. Find properties for sale listings at the best price. We have 27 properties for sale for straw bale, priced from $860,00

A private bedroom with separate but private bathroom, queen and single beds in spacious room. Communal lounge and el fresco kitchen. A Quiet, Rural setting, self sufficient farm stay. Luxurious straw bale home, alternative energy, and design, Making this a clean green experience. Craft built straw bale house Straw House B and B is a unique property. Being made of straw bale and stucco, this creates a space that is both warm in winter, and cool in summer. Our aim is to become self sufficient; adding solar hot water, solar for electricity and growing fruit and vegetables to start Please note: Not included in the above budget for our straw bale house is the cost of buying our four acres, surveying, grading in a road, trenching for the phone line, the septic system, a car port and deck, and the water harvesting and storage/pressure tank system. These together cost $24,000, making the total price of our new home actually. Because of the relative affordability of straw as a building material, many assume a straw bale house will come in well under the cost of a traditional build. Despite this however, the intense labour involved with building in straw can dramatically increase the construction costs involved

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[Ed note: see Sanctuary 17 for more on the Passivhaus (Passive House) standard.] In Australia, most straw bale buildings are individual dwellings and owner-built, but straw bale buildings also function as community facilities, eco-tourism developments, wineries and educational buildings Our work has been as far a field as New South Wales, Australia, Maui, Hawaii, as well as throughout B.C., Alberta and the northwestern United States. The resource issues surrounding affordable low impact housing are numerous and widely discussed. One simple proven technology is plastered straw bale construction. Its main advantages are low cost.

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Straw Bale house for sale in Westcliffe Colorado Rocky Mountains, 2 bedroom, 5 treed ares, 1200 sf. interior, earth floors, composting toilet, sweat equity, ecologically efficient The decision to build with straw bale was taken due to its low-cost construction, high insulation properties and environmental benefits. 'She did Australia proud': Tributes to Julie Bishop as. Our straw bale house plans have been used to build houses all over the United States. From Washington State to Florida, and from Connecticut to southern California, homes built from straw bale house plans are no longer just eco-homes with strange exteriors. A book by Catherine Wanek - titled The New Straw Bale Home - contains photos of 40 gorgeous straw bale houses. Straw bale (or.

Straw bales are a low environmental impact material. The RS Means Green Building: Project Planning and Cost Estimating guidebook gives straw bales an embodied energy rating of just 0.24 MJ/kg. This compares very favourably to other manufactured insulations like fibreglass (30.3) and expanded polystyrene Straw Bale Gardens. Straw Bale Gardening is simply a different type of container gardening. The main difference is that the container is the straw bale itself and is held together with two or three strings. Once the straw inside the bale begins to decay the straw becomes conditioned compost that creates an extraordinary plant rooting environment Then the significant environmental benefits to be gained from highly insulated low energy consumption buildings can be realized using straw bales.Fig ( 1 )1 Figure 1 :1The first rice straw building. Nebraska 2.2 Using straw in Europe: Figure 2 :2The new rice straw building. Australia Figure 3 :3The interior of the rice straw building Gardening Australia. Straw-bale home a house made of straw. The 0.4ha property is perched on a steep, east-facing slope, with shallow soils over granite bedrock. straw-bale constructi­on as a relatively low-cost and low-tech method. Straw bales have excellent insulation properties and are relatively easy to work with. It was also the.

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The Eyers paid $10 a bale for their straw from a farm in Hawea Flat just 6km away. So far, their straw bale passive house has cost $400,000 to build, but Ben made the point the labour was free, the design costs were minimal and I have been collecting native timber for years''. There are different ways to build a straw bale house but whichever. 50 straw bale house plans Straw Bale Module. Most plans are based on either a 3 foot (two string) or 4 foot (three string) bale module, with design decisions (outside wall dimensions, window size and placement for example) strongly influenced by this module. Most plans can be designed and built using either three or four tie bales

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