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Premium Deck Products - Your #1 Online Source for Everything Deck Related. DecksDirect.com - Helping People Build Better Decks Get Roofing Experts Near You In Minutes. Our Service is Fast, Easy & Free For a 2×6 fascia board at a 4/12 slope, the trim size would be 1-1/2 inch x 5 inches for an overhang without a soffit. Also, what type of board is used for fascia? Wood Fascia Boards Wood is the most common material used to make fascia. Typically, wood fascia boards are made of spruce, pine or fir Fascia boards of this size made the gutters hard to maintain and they didn't look right. Fascia Board Sizes #3 - 1x8 Occasionally on bigger homes builders will use a 1×8 for the fascia board if they are trying to achieve a heavy craftsman look on a more dominant structure

UltraShield 0.6 in. x 12 in. x 12 ft. Peruvian Teak Fascia Composite Decking Board UltraShield Fascia by NewTechWood is designed UltraShield Fascia by NewTechWood is designed for as a finishing trim for our NewTechWood deck boards. They are a nice accent piece to cover up the joists under the deck fascia board profiles. 1 x 8 x 12' fascia. actual dimensions.56 in x 7.25 in x 12 ft (14 mm x 184 mm x 365 cm) 1 x 12 x 12' fascia. actual dimensions.56 in x 11.375 in x 12 ft (14 mm x 288 mm x 365 cm) universal white profiles. 1 x 8 x 12' universal white. actual dimension

Amerimax 1.25-in x 6-in x 12-ft Brown Smooth Aluminum Fascia. The Amerimax 6 in. x 12 ft. fascia trim covers wooden fascia for protection against water and insect damage. 12 ft. long pieces come in a variety of widths to fit most fascia boards. Constructed from durable aluminum with a factory baked-on brown finish is virtually maintenance-free 1 in. x 6 in. x 12 ft. Trim Board Primed Finger-Joint This Clear Finger Joint Primed board is a This Clear Finger Joint Primed board is a perfect product for many uses, especially for painting. Some of the many uses are fascia, corner boards, trim base molding, furniture parts, shelving, cabinets etc .024-in x 6-in x 12-ft 900 White Smooth Aluminum Fascia. Model #36709321. Compare; Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 1. Amerimax. Trim is that final touch that completes your home's design. Accentuate corners, columns, fascia, doors, windows and more with HardieTrim® boards

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What size fascia board? (too old to reply) d***@mail.com 2005-09-28 12:39:08 UTC. Permalink. I am building a detached garage and want the appearance of 6 fascia board. Will be using vented vinyl soffit that is about 1/2 (maybe more) in height. To take advantage of the 6 aluminum fascia cover, should I use 2x4 fascia so that the J of the. Pack Size (1) Board: Board Type: Solid Fascia Board: Edge Profiles Available: Square Edge: Compatible Fasteners: Consult installation instructions and/or warranty information: Lengths Available: 12 ft: Nominal Dimensions (width x thickness x length) 1 x 8 in: 8 in x 1 in x 12 ft 1 x 12 in: 12 in x 1 in x 12 ft: Actual Dimensions (width x. Square Fascia, Bullnose Fascia, Ogee Fascia, Flat Fascia or Reveal Liner/Cap Over Board. Choosing a new or replacement uPVC Fascia Board can often be a mind boggling task, with so many styles, sizes and colours available it's difficult to know that you're making the right decision both in terms of installation and aesthetics. Here is our helpful guide to help you on choosing the right. Timber Fascia Boards and runs along the lower edge of the roof and is connected to the roof. Timber Fascia Boards products at your local Bunning

Sizes vary in depth to suit the particular pitch of the roof - most fascias are between 150mm and 225mm deep but our stock range includes both larger and smaller sizes. Ogee shaped Fascia Boards are also available, incorporating a sculpted feature groove along the bottom edge LP SmartSide Engineered Wood Trim & Fascia come in a wide assortment of styles for a custom look. Find the ideal product to suit your needs today. The classic appearance of cedar for a variety of uses, including corner boards, windows and doors. The classic appearance of cedar for a variety of uses, including corner boards, windows and doors

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The low-maintenance ease of a composite fascia board combined with a genuine wood-grain appearance sets Trex Enhance Naturals Fascia Boards ahead of the curve. All the charm and beauty of natural wood minus the fading and pests, Trex Enhance Naturals Fascia Boards add beauty and detail to every angle of your home and helps you finish your space simply The fascia board is the trim on a house that covers the ends of the roof rafters. Redwood and cedar are common materials because they are rot resistant. You can also buy PVC and composite fascia or vinyl or aluminum fascia covers for wood. Soffit materials are similar and also include plywood Fascia Boards. Filter & Sort. Filters. Store & Availability. Price Range. Brand. Star Ratings. Sort by. Clear all. Show results. Showing 7 of 7 results. Grid List. Compare. Special Order. Heritage Products 95 x 12 x 1200mm BT1 Fascia Barge Trim (0) $35. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Special Order. Heritage Products 95 x 12 x 1200mm BT3 Fascia. Compare 2 Fascia Mounted Drip Edge Extension with Screws, White Colored Aluminum . Rainhandler 2 Fascia Mounted Drip Edge Extension with Screws, White Colored Aluminum (26) $9 And. 98 Cents / each. Compare 10 ft. L x 8-inch W x 1-inch H Aluminum Fascia Cover in White

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  1. HARDIETRIM® 5/4, 4/4 BOARDS HardieTrim® 5/4, 4/4 board is a decorative non-load bearing trim product. HardieTrim 5/4 board is 1 in. thick, HardieTrim 4/4 board is 3/4 in thick, and both can be purchased in 10 ft. and 12 ft. lengths, based on local availability
  2. Shop TimberTech AZEK Vintage 1/2 in. x 11 3/4 in. x 12 ft. PVC Fascia Decking Board Composite Deck Boards at TheHomeDepot. Get free samples here
  3. White Fascia Board and Soffits UPVC. Description. PVCu white fascia boards are still the best selling fascia boards which are used to finish the roofline or houses or garages with a wide range of sizes they are an ideal lightweight economical way of avoiding painting this board fits on top of existing timber or a new tantalised timber can be fitted behind it
  4. The fascia board is the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. In a downpour the roof of a 3-bed semi could be washing several gallons of water per second into its gutters. Bargeboard. This is the board that is used on the gable end of a house
  5. For those wanting a simple, unfussy finish there are two sizes of the Standard L Shaped Boards. These Cover Boards are 9mm and 10mm thick and have a slightly rounded edge giving them a similar look to our popular range of Standard 18mm UPVC Replacement Fascia Boards. These UPVC Cover Boards range in width from 100mm (4) to 275mm (11) and come.

Also asked, how do I know my fascia size? Multiply the 1-1/2 inch width of the fascia board by the slope of the roof (e.g. 4/12). 1.5 times 4 divided by 12 = 0.5 or ½ inch. For a 2×6 fascia board at a 4/12 slope, the trim size would be 1-1/2 inch x 5 inches for an overhang without a soffit Fascia Nominal Size Actual Thickness (A) Actual Width (B) Tongue (C) 1 x 6 0.75 5.50 1.0 1 x 8 0.75 7.25 1.0 5/4 x 6 1.0 5.50 1.0 5/4 x 8 1.0 7.25 1.0 Skirt Board Provides a decorative yet functional way to create the required clearance between siding and grade B smooth wood C A grain Available Finishes: smooth wood grain Available.

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Soffits and Fascia. Soffits Custom Soffit Part # General Length Gauge Girth Weight Each LG-121 x=12 10'-6 29 20 10.71# LG-121A x=14 10'-6 29 22 11.75# LG-121B x=16 10'-6 29 24 12.85# V Groove Soffit Fascia boards may play a small role in the overall appearance of a home, but it's still important to the function and the style of the finished exterior. Make sure to understand everything there is to know about fascia boards, so you can use it more effectively on your exterior designs end where it met the fascia board, the diagonal cut is obviously taller than the 2x6. So, I used a 2x8 fascia, and ripped the top edge at a bevel to match the roof slope. The height of the fascia matches the height of the plumb cut on the end of the rake board. This way the rake and fascia meet nicely at the corner of the roof

FASCIA BOARD SIZES. 5/8 x 11 ¼ x 10' 5/8 x 11 ¼ x 12' 5/8 x 11 ¼ x 16' 5/8 x 11 ¼ x 18' CELUKA Boards are perfect for fascia application. Whether you are covering the exposed joists to a deck or building out the roof fascia for looks and durability, there will be no doubt CELUKA is the product for you Fascia boards cap the edge of rafters outside your home and hold the gutters in place, which are essential in roof water drainage. The fascia is usually used with a soffit or an eave, which is found between the board and the rafter. It has no specific use, but it gives a clean look to your house and covers unattractive rafters

Rip the tops of the fascia boards to match the slope of your roof. Making the tops of your fascia boards the same angle as the roof allows you to easily place roofing material over them without creating bumps or ridges. Set the angle of the circular saw blade to match the slope of your roof, and run the saw along the top edge of each fascia board Anthracite Fascia Board Grey 175mm x 9mm x 5mInformation 9 mm thick 175 mm high internal size Anthracite grey fascia cover board. Comes in 2.5 m or 5 m lengths this PVC colour currently a very popular choice of colour to match with aluminium doors and windows. Cover boards are used to go over existing timber if you are removing the timber you. Sometimes also called soffit board, fascia is a board running horizontally under a roof edge. It covers the openings between the rafters of the roof. Typically consisting of wood, wood substitute, or metal, the fascia board along with the soffit, encloses the attic space of the home. The fascia is commonly helps to hold up, and stabilize gutters

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The trim look can't be changed due to HOA, not to mention the fascia is stepped with a 1x4 over 1x6 over a 2x8. PVC is too expensive and wouldn't match the grain of the rest even after painting. - Alex Sep 27 '18 at 19:3 • Keep trim and fascia clean and dry. Inspect prior to installation. PREPARATION General Information 1a A - Corners (Page 6) E - Board and Batten (Page 10) B - Windows, Doors, Openings (Page 7) F - Mounting Blocks (Page 11) C - Gable Ends and Barge Rafters (Page 9) G - Exterior Columns (Page 11) D - Fascia and Rake (Page 9) A B G F E D We stock an extensive range of uPVC Fascia Boards here at DirectPlastics.com, including 15 different colours and 8 different profiles. Choose from popular colours such as Anthracite Grey, Slate Grey, White, Black, Light Oak and more, all with colour matching uPVC Soffits and Plastics Headed Pins available. Whether you're looking for Replacement Boards, Cap-Overs, Ogee or our Eco-Core range.

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LYSAGHT Guttering and Fascia products come in a range of profiles to suit any style or application. Find a Specific Product. Application. Available For Sale. All Guttering, Fascia & Rainwater Goods Products. QUAD Gutter. A classic guttering design that is suited to both new homes or for replacing an existing gutter With its reversible, smooth or textured surface, Allura Trim complements any siding product and the machined square edges ensure a superior look and finish We offer PVC Trim Board for all around the home. From accent PVC to house trim on the interior or exterior, Versatex brings style and functionality to any home. VERSATEX manufactures high-quality PVC boards for exterior trim and interior trim needs Fascia boards may not be the most interesting feature of your house, but they play a really vital role. The fascia is a long board that's attached at the point where the roof meets the walls. It supports the bottom row of roof tiles and all the guttering, so it needs to be robust, low-maintenance and weather-resistant

We want fascia board put up so we can have the gutters be more sloped for better water movement. Gutter guy quoted 1x6 spruce, which will be primed and painted on front and back. Roofer guy will be quoting 2x6 cedar, which will also be primed and painted Like all things lumber, the size is not the actual size. 1×8 Trex fascia boards are actually 9/16 x 7 ¼ x 12 ft (14 mm x 184 mm x 365 cm). TimberTech is no different, don't let the 1″ scare you. It's actually thinner and will fit under a ¾ (18mm) overhang Armadillo fascia boards are the vertical trim that finishes the sides of a deck. Fascia boards can either match or contrast with your deck boards and are available in all Armadillo composite deck board colors. Actual size of fascia board can vary up to 1/8″ width, 1 ½ length, and 1/16″ thickness

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  1. It may be necessary to rip-cut the fascia board to fit the outside rim board of the deck. A slight overhang is permitted, with the goal being to hide the wood rim joist. If the fascia or rim board requires ripping down, make sure that the cut edge is positioned down, not up, which exposes the core material
  2. Fascia Board Sizes. Fascias are typically made from 1-inch material, with the width being enough to cover the rafter width. Typically rafters will range from 2×6 to 2×8, although some are larger depending on the roof construction. Therefore, the more common fascia board sizes are 1×6 or 1×8
  3. um/vinyl? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. B. Beeman · Registered. Joined Dec 29, 2002 · 6,977 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 23, 2007. I am wanting to cover my fascia/soffits with alu

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To complement this page, you will find additional photos over at the photo gallery.. Below you can find the 5 reasons why I never recommend capping over the existing fascia and soffit boards, I also feel you should think twice before trying to save money by having the work done this way Fascia boards come in a variety of sizes, treated to H3.1 and factory primed on four faces. They provide a functional and an aesthetic smooth finish to the roof, they create a layer between the edge of the roof and the outside protecting the underlying timber structure from the elements

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This review is from: TimberTech AZEK Vintage 1/2 in. x 11 3/4 in. x 12 ft. PVC Fascia Decking Board User friendly and easy to install for the diy! Factor edges are not square, so make sure to square them up before installing Gutter, fascia and downpipes made from COLORBOND ® steel come in a wide range of styles, sizes and profiles, designed to look great and protect your home from the challenges of the harsh Australian climate Fascia boards are found around the edges of your roof and usually support your home's rain gutter system. Over time, these boards may start to rot or need to be replaced due to damage. Luckily, replacing a fascia board is as easy as taking out the old board and fitting a new one in its place A fascia board is an integral part of most houses, typically old ones. Fascia boards are the vertically nailed boards found on roof rafter ends. Usually, fascia boards also support the gutter pipes of the house. If your house has an old-fashioned building structure, then you can rest assure that there will be fascia boards along the roof ends The Simpson Strong-Tie ® Fascia-Fastening Solution™ consists of the counterbore bit and fascia screw, and is specially designed to securely fasten composite and PVC fascia while providing superior corrosion resistance. The fascia screw is specially designed to secure fascia material firmly in place while allowing the boards to expand and contract due to environmental conditions

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  1. Cedral soffit and fascia board is available in panel widths of 20, 30 and 40cm, giving the perfect professional finish across soffits, fascias and other facade elements. Cedral Boards are available in a selection of popular colours. Sustainable finishing of roof edges and facade elements; Extensive selection of standard colours; Low maintenanc
  2. um Fascia Cover 1 x 6 x 10' White Buy Now 4821 Alu
  3. The white fascia boards, stocked by PVC Cladding, are all 18mm thick UPVC. This is not only a more robust option, but it also ensures a traditional, clean finish and continues to be the UK's most popular fascia colour in both the new build and replacement markets. Further enhancing the historic popularity of our white UPVC fascia board is its level of quality at a competitive price
  4. uPVC Fascia & Soffit Boards All Colours & Sizes Stocked. Browse and shop our variety of UPVC roofline products including fascia boards, flat & vented soffit boards, hollow soffits and shiplap cladding. All products come with 20 Year Guarantee on white profiles and 10 Year Guarantee on woodgrain profiles with nationwide UK delivery
  5. Truly the best of the best in decking, these capped polymer boards feature sophisticated, natural-looking colors with a subtle wire-brushed, low-gloss finish for an authentic wood look. Sample Size 1' Sample 1' Sample 1 Fascia Boards - Actual dimensions: 0.5″ x 11.75″.

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Compare The Best Local Roofing Pros With Reviews From Your Neighbors. To Get the Most Reviews from Real Customers, All for Free, Visit Angi 1x6-14' (Actual: 3/4x5-1/2) Tongue & Groove Real Soffit American Nut. SKU# 01267694 232 available at San Marco Our Black Ash uPVC Fascia Boards are available in a number of sizes and profiles to allow you to replace old Timber Fascias, Cap Over existing sound Fascia Boards or for new build construction. Choose from our uPVC Cap-Over Fascia, Square Replacement Fascias, or Ogee Fascia Boards Give your deck a finishing touch with TimberTech ® Fascia, available in all TimberTech Colours to coordinate perfectly with your deck or accent Colour. Fascia boards come with a 30-year limited fade and stain and 30-year limited warranty for residential applications. Actual dimensions: 14,3 mm x 304,8 m Facia Board Sizes/Dimensions (10mm x 150mm x 3,6m), (10mm x 150mm x 3m), (10mm x 300mm x 3m), (10mm x 300mm x 3,6m), (10mm x 225mm x 3,6m), (12mm x 225mm x 3,6m),(10mm x 225mm x 3m), (12mm x 225mm x 3m) Kalsi Facia Boards (unpainted natural grey) Please note colours are as accurate as screen resolution allows. Please view physical samples for a.

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