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Burnout puts your mind and body in a weakened state, so avoid jumping from one stressful, time-consuming project to the next in order to give your mind and body a chance to recover. Control your. You have a finite amount of energy and you need to use it wisely. So, what are the 10 things that could help you recover from burnout? 1. Use your blinkin' annual leave, people

Recovering from academic burnout won't be overnight. You may need several weeks to de-stress and feel less overwhelmed. Be sure to implement the tips in this post in order to help you. Once you begin to feel better, it's a good idea to put a long term strategy in place to keep your stress levels down during your studies Burnout must first be distinguished from other life problems. Burnout is a very real condition that can affect anybody, especially college students. In 2018, 85% of college students reported feeling overwhelmed, while 50% said they experienced levels of stress that negatively impacted their academic performance. So remember that you're not alone Recovery From the Burnout Epidemic: How the Academic Community Can Help (Commentary) Abigail Ford Winkel, MD, MHPE Corresponding author: Abigail Ford Winkel, MD, MHPE, New York University Langone Health, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, NBV 9E2, 550 First Avenue, New York, NY 10016, 212.263.8683, fax 212.263.8251, abigail.winkel@nyumc.or Study burn out is a reality in medical school. Factors leading to study burn out are piles of school work, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, concurrent family demands, limited or no physical exercise, poor time management and unrealistic goals. Study burnout results from emotional and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged. Burnout isn't something you can recover from in three easy-peasy steps. It can take weeks, months, or even years. In order to begin the process of healing, you'll have to recognize the signs your body and mind give you once you're teetering at the edge

It's OK to take a few days off work to recover from emotional burnout, it's OK to take a break from your social life and relationships to focus on yourself. Take better care of yourself The funny thing about adrenal fatigue, or burnout, is that simply getting more sleep isn't always the answer. But it is an important part of the puzzle. During the week, I tried to be in bed by 10 and asleep by 10:30. A few tips that helped me improve my sleep quality: Get a white noise machine The first step to preventing and coping with burnout is knowing how to recognize it. Academic experts and the World Health Organization outline three interrelated components of burnout. To recover from (or better yet, prevent) burnout, know and honor your core values, clarify the ripple effect of your work, get clear on your top priorities, and work with a coach or mentor. Make. To Recover from Burnout, Regain Your Sense of Control You've got this. by . When you're in a burnout state, it's easy to think that no matter what you do, it won't make a difference..

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There's a difference between the exhaustion of a long workday and the perpetual fatigue of burnout. As Dr. Christina Maslach, creator of the Maslach Burnout Inventory, explains, burnout is a psychological syndrome emerging as a prolonged response to chronic interpersonal stressors on the job. More than just increased stress, burnout causes overwhelming exhaustion, feelings of cynicism and. Dealing with burnout is about recovering well from work, rather than focusing on being more productive or better at the work itself. Research continues to show how important it is to recover from.

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Ballard notes that burnout entails a decline in performance. It's possible to experience stress without burning out. In fact, some stress can actually improve cognitive performance. But if your stress is taking a toll on your academic life, social life, or overall wellbeing, you might be experiencing burnout. Burnout Warning Sign Valdosta State University (VSU) implemented writing-focused faculty learning communities (FLCs) to recover from burnout and budget cuts. Specifically, Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching (CELT)-sponsored faculty writing communities at VSU build community across ranks and disciplines, promote a growth mindset, and create a supportive safe space for faculty writers to cultivate. Researchers from the Virtual Reality Medical Institute who reviewed over 11,000 academic articles on burnout recovery describe the landscape of interventions as very fragmented and filled with.

The main result of burnout is a decline in academic performance. To sum it up, burnout is when your stress level is so high that it's messing up everything else. This could come from pressure to do well in online classes or at work. Since burnout is not good for you, here are some ways to prevent it. 1.Take Care of Yourself Physicall In order to recover from burnout, it is just as important to make time for relationships, relaxation and recreation, as it is to schedule time for your work. Write Moderately and Consistently. If you do this throughout the summer (say just two to three 45-minute sessions a day, 4 days a week for 12 weeks), you will have done about 90 hours of work The College Burnout. College can be a rewarding experience for many people interested in learning and growing in a different environment. Compared to high school, the possibilities seem endless. However, college life can be difficult for some people as well, particularly those who are still transitioning from high school to college Students regularly burn out because they hit a wall when they study. They're unable to progress because they lose the motivation to do so, which in turn leads to faltering grades and a harder time completing that often highly-priced education. Let's take a look at four study strategies that can help you overcome study burnout: 1

It took me a few years to recover from burnout, but when I did, I was determined not to burn out again. The question washow? So I started reprioritizing my time, managing my energy, figuring out how to stop getting my priorities hijacked by other people, and in the process (by accident), I became far more productive, so now I can write books. Burnout Is Real - Not an Excuse. Many people don't believe in student burnout. They think that students are being lazy. Burnout is real and it can cause a student to fail courses and drop out of school. It's an emotional, mental and physical problem, which needs attention from the sufferer and sometimes, a therapeutic professional If you're trying to recover from burnout, knowing these phases can normalize what you are feeling, focus you on what matters at the right time and take the pressure off the expectation of coming back to normal quickly. The 4 Phases of Burnout Recover

There are a few things that immediately come to mind when I see this question. To prevent burnout from studying, please: * Don't sit at your desk for 12 hours straight forcing yourself to study * Don't sacrifice your sleep so you can pull all-nigh.. Burnout is now recognized as a legitimate medical disorder by much of mainstream medicine and has even been given its own ICD-10 code (Z73.0 - Burn-out state of vital exhaustion). Many of the symptoms of burnout overlap with the hallmarks of depression, including extreme fatigue, loss of passion, and intensifying cynicism and negativity Academic Exhaustion Syndrome (an advanced, more scholarly state of burn out) is a state of emotional, and physical exhaustion caused by prolonged stress, ending with grading, over the course of the semester and academic year FNU has tips for preventing student burnout and the warning signs. This is a very common issue for anxious students, so please share this with young people who need to take their mental and emotional health during university seriously

The stress responsible for emotional exhaustion puts you at risk for a total burnout. Over time, it can lead to health problems.Chronic stress can affect your immune system, heart, metabolism, and. Recovering from chronic stress and burnout requires removing or reducing the demands on you and replenishing your resources. Sleep is one strategy for replenishing those resources. For inspiration. The symptoms of burn out at work, however, are very real. From the academic research that originated the term in the mid-1970s, there are three clear symptoms that all of us who care about our work and pour ourselves into our organizations need to watch out for: chronic mental or emotional fatigue, cynicism, and dissatisfaction

Recovering From Burnout If you're feeling burned out, or you recognize anything about yourself in my experiences, I'd like to share some lessons and strategies I learned during my recovery. Remember that everybody's different - some of these strategies might work for you, while others might not, so it's important to keep trying different. A large course load, procrastination, and lack of sleep are just a few of the factors that can lead to study burnout. Learn how to identify the signs of study burnout so you can take the proper steps to deal with it. Identifying the Signs of Study Burnout. Signs of study burnout will vary among individual students

According to a survey given by the Sentinel Sun on our Instagram (@sentinelschoolblog), 62% of students perceive that they have experienced academic burnout. Contrary to popular belief, academic burnout is actually a diagnosable condition that can be treated. Academic burnout can be defined as a negative emotional, physical and mental reaction to prolonged study that results in exhaustion. Recovery from a full-blown burnout will take a lot of time, especially when people have come to the point of collapse in the freeze response. From there, they will be unable to get back to work for at least some extended period of time Physician burnout weighs heavily on the medical community. Decades of research have illustrated the devastating impact of burnout on individuals, patient satisfaction and outcomes, workforce turnover, and costs. 1 Burnout appears to take its grip during medical training. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education has placed a spotlight on wellness, stating that psychological. Jumping ahead to spring 2020, I'm much happier, healthier and more fulfilled as an academic professional and person for having gone through burnout. Enter COVID-19. Having endured burnout, I more easily see it in others, and I see signs of burnout everywhere: #AcademicTwitter threads, disciplinary Listservs, new groups on Facebook and Mighty.

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - As employees and students of Penn State face the uncertain circumstances of the pandemic, University faculty offer advice on how to avoid burnout or, if you are already feeling sapped of energy and interest -- how to recover Recovering from Autistic Burnout There is limited research on recovery from autistic burnout. An autistic person's abilities will often come back, but some skills may take longer to return than. In other words, burnout recovery happens because of the brain's plasticity function: Moving from right-frontal activation (avoidance) to left-frontal activation (approach). Cynicism recovery happens by reframing the motivational system into one that is more approach driven — versus avoidance driven. You can do this in the following way

Burnout is a response to chronic stress of continued demands in a sport or activity without the opportunity for physical and mental rest and recovery. Burnout is a syndrome of continual training and sport attention stress, resulting in staleness, overtraining and eventually burnout The healthcare system's Wellness Enterprise offers many employee resources to help reduce stress and prevent burnout, ranging from yoga classes and running clubs to educational seminars and electronic coaching. The overall message is the same: Take care of yourself! Nurses need to take care of themselves first before they can take care of patients, says Blazey

Helping Students and Educators Recover From COVID-19 Trauma district and school leaders have generally become more conscious of and sympathetic to teacher stress and burnout, as well as its adverse impact on the profession and students. The Collaborative for Academic,. Burnout is probably as old as work itself, and in its most basic definition simply boils down to exhaustion from overwork. But, it runs deeper than that, because burnout also a condition of an overloaded nervous system. It was first designated as such in 1974 by a German-American clinical psychologist named Herbert Freudenberger Work-from-home burnout happens when people can't separate their work life and their home life, says Andrew Schwehm, a licensed clinical psychologist with Alma, a network of mental health providers, who also works at Bellevue Hospital in New York City and teaches at NYU School of Medicine.People are having an especially hard time separating the two during the pandemic when they're working.

Acknowledge your burnout. Sometimes we try to work through burnout or think something is wrong with our work ethic. Say the word burnout to yourself, and, if you feel safe, your supervisor. Make a commitment to recovery. Revisit your why. Last post, I talked about how important values clarification is to fitness and wellness He agrees that the extreme end of burnout can be linked to physical and mental disorders, and that once burnout becomes extreme, it's very challenging to recover without sustained help When recovering from severe burnout, rest almost always should come first before anything else. If you are on the verge of developing a medical issue because of your burnout and exhaustion, stop. Take any PTO you have and start resting now (maybe even ask your boss if you can work from home for a period of time) How to recover from burnout. Like stress, burnout can be managed by dealing with the stressor. Identifying which areas of your job are causing stress is key to overcoming it. Of course, preventing burnout in the first place is the ideal scenario, and employers can make proven organizational changes to reduce stress and improve performance 5 Tips to Manage Teacher Stress and Prevent End-of-Year Burnout. Even the strongest teachers can get overwhelmed from time to time, especially at the end of the year. Knowing how to prevent and recover from burnout is not only important for a teacher's personal health but for the well-being of the entire classroom

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As medical professionals increasingly struggle with the challenges of burnout, well-being, and the idea of resilience — the ability to recover from setbacks or difficult situations — have emerged as a priority for faculty, researchers, residents, and students in the academic medicine community Paths to Recovery. Here's the third thing to know about burnout: You can recover from it. In some cases, burnout will become the kind of depression that merits professional help—and school leaders and coaches should be aware of common indicators of depression so they can recognize it in themselves and others

How to Recover from Burnout. Just as it took time to become burnt out, the recovery process can be just as long. Below are just a few tips you can try to help along the healing process. 1. Leave the House Every Day. The burnout symptoms and recovery period can make you feel like turning into a homebody if you aren't going to work Published research for autism and burnout is on family, teacher, caregiver burnout - Little is empirically known about burnout in autistic people themselves Burnout, in part driven by masking, may mediate suicidal behavior in physicians and medical students whose suicide rates are 1.5-2x higher than general populatio A toxic mix of high work ethic, stress and exhaustion, burnout can compromise a physician's wellness as well as patient care. In the 20-minute podcast, Dr. Sullivan explains how neurologists and other physicians can build resiliency to burnout, especially during a healthcare crisis. She also discusses

Combating COVID-19 fatigue and burnout. With shorter times of daylight and winter months on the horizon, intentionality in overcoming fatigue and burnout will be key, Long says. Daily self-care will help you build up resistance to stress, as one cannot wait until they are feeling exhausted or overwhelmed to start It is a common sign of burnout for many students. In a burnout state, you don't want to excel in studies and struggle to find a motivation to complete your tasks. You may do it because of fear to miss your deadlines, to fail or to disappoint your parents. But you don't want to take any extra tasks. 2. Cognitive Difficultie Burnout is the chronic stress of overwork, Mistretta said. The thing about burnout is that you can reverse it; you can take time off, better manage your workload or change your responsibilities in order to help you recover. Compassion fatigue is different Autistic people spend their whole life learning coping strategies and ways of pretending to be 'normal'. It's called masking and it's necessary to get by in the world. When the autistic brain reaches burnout those coping strategies can be, well, burned out. Lost. Gone. Sometimes they recover, but often the damage is permanent Burnout is a stress-related state of exhaustion and often leads to feelings of isolation, low accomplishment and even depression. Although research has long shown that burnout affects employees.

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  1. Athlete burnout is a cognitive-affective syndrome characterized by perceptions of emotional and physical exhaustion, reduced accomplishment, and devaluation of sport. A variety of theoretical conceptualizations are utilized to understand athlete burnout, including stress-based models, theories of identity, control and commitment, and motivational models
  2. trying to understand, prevent, or recover from autistic burn-out. Addressing autistic burnout is a high priority for autistic adults.1,2 Despite how often and urgently the autistic community discusses autistic burnout, the concept is almost completely absent from the academic and clinical literature. A literatur
  3. Burnout may occur more frequently and be more difficult to recover from as people get older. Is it possible to prevent burnout? A key strategy for preventing burnout is self-knowledge. Autistic people can learn over time which situations are most likely to trigger burnout for them
  4. Burnout isn't exactly the same as overtraining, but there's plenty of overlap: chronic exhaustion, a drop in performance, and in many cases a decision to eventually walk away from the sport
  5. Burnout means you've pushed your creative energy beyond the point of recovery. Like a well of water, creative energy replenishes itself slowly over time. A person who has pushed their creative well too hard for too long will, like its watery counterpart, one day find it empty

Teaching need not consume you. Devoting all of our waking hours to teaching primes us for burnout. And burnout is real. It happens when the demands and expectations of our work drown our joy. Your other roles are important, too: friend, spouse, sibling, hiker, reader, dancer, joke-teller, or baker—a million other energizing possibilities commonly described issues of stress and burnout during their programs. This scale examines how future Coping strategies as part of being resilient also allow college students to recover from academic challenges such as failing an exam (Eisenberg et al., 2016). Yet, some students dealing with a mental health condition. L ecturing physicians about not burning out is a delicate task, Jennifer Ramsey, MD, noted at the start of a Hospital Medicine 2018 talk on preventing, recognizing, and recovering from burnout. I did not want to come up here and be a cheerleader and say, 'Let's just practice gratitude and we'll all be OK,' said Dr. Ramsey, who is a critical care specialist at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio

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classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.) affect academic burnout in a sample of college students. This paper includes a brief summary of the history of the study of burnout, a discussion of the existing literature on the topic, hypotheses suggested by previou Try these tips for addressing the underlying issues that will help get you on the road to burnout recovery, lickety split: 1. Confront the underlying issue. No, this is not easy. Yes, it is worth it The term burnout is a relatively new term, first coined in 1974 by Herbert Freudenberger, in his book, Burnout: The High Cost of High Achievement. He originally defined burnout as, the extinction of motivation or incentive, especially where one's devotion to a cause or relationship fails to produce the desired results

But the need to recover from burnout is legitimate, and for me, treatment involved turning down the noise. I deleted social media from my phone. I disabled notifications. I stopped reading the. Job burnout is specific work-related chronic stress. Discover the causes and symptoms of workplace burnout, and how you can prevent and treat job burnout if it happens to you. national. Skip to content Skip to Live Chat. Part of Western Governors University Online Degrees Admissions Tuition & Financial Aid Student Success While caring for a loved one will never be stress-free, the following tips can help you to lighten the load, avoid the symptoms of caregiver burnout, and find more balance in your life. Avoid caregiver burnout by feeling empowered. Feeling powerless is the number one contributor to burnout and depression. And it's an easy trap to fall into as. 1. J Grad Med Educ. 2018 Feb;10(1):34-35. doi: 10.4300/JGME-D-17-00940.1. Recovery From the Burnout Epidemic: How the Academic Community Can Help (Commentary)

No sign of burnout here. 19-32: Little sign of burnout here, unless some factors are particularly severe. 33-49: Be careful - you may be at risk of burnout, particularly if several scores are high. 50-59: You are at severe risk of burnout - do something about this urgently. 60-75: You are at very severe risk of burnout - do something. Rose Ernst was chair and associate professor of political science at Seattle University until she decided to pursue writing and editing full-time. She is now an academic editor and consultant who loves to support scholars in sharing their brilliance with the world. Find her at roseernst.net

Burnout among physicians and physicians-in-training, as well as other health care team members, is an important issue with numerous potential effects and consequences for professionals, patients, organizations, and society. 1-9 The research and commentary literature on burnout has exploded over the last 40 years, attesting to the strong interest in exploring a lived phenomenon I learned the hard way. After resigning, taking six months off to recover my health, spending all of my 401(k), running up my credit cards to pay my bills, and getting a roommate to cut costs. Emotional exhaustion is a chronic state of physical and emotional depletion that results from excessive job, personal demands, and/or continuous stress. It describes a feeling of being emotionally overextended and exhausted by one's work. It is manifested by both physical fatigue and a sense of feeling psychologically and emotionally drained Purpose: To compare the prevalence of burnout and other forms of distress across career stages and the experiences of trainees and early career (EC) physicians versus those of similarly aged college graduates pursuing other careers. Method: In 2011 and 2012, the authors conducted a national survey of medical students, residents/fellows, and EC physicians (≤ 5 years in practice) and of a. Burnout often stems from a lack of understanding about what it takes to achieve peak workplace performance, says Friedman. We tend to assume that [it] requires trying harder or outworking.

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Dyrbye coauthored another Academic Medicine study published March 2016 that explored the relationship between medical student burnout and alcohol abuse, for example. In a national survey of 12,500 students, more than 32 percent of the 4,400 who responded met the diagnostic criteria for alcohol abuse or dependence—a rate about twice as high as. The key to recovery is to care for one's self on a regular basis. Practices such as gratitude journaling, meditation, and regular exercise are behaviors that enhance self-care. Hokie Wellness is offering a program on Burnout and Recovery on Tuesday, May 11, and Tuesday, May 18 , from noon-1 p.m. Learn more about burnout and what steps you can. Here are some of the telltale signs of Adrenal Burnout: You feel tired even after sleeping or taking a nap. Every morning, you dread having to get up. Craving for salty food is more evident. It takes longer for you to recover from illness. Best time for you is in the evening. You feel like drowning in your own sorrows. You feel depressed Solution for Burnout and Fatigue. HMI defines resilience as the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, adversity, trauma or tragedy. The resilient individual can bounce back and recuperate faster after a long day or week's work, challenging situations or illnesses.. As a social worker, jail chaplain, and justice advocate, Bethany Dearborn Hiser pushed herself to the brink of burnout—only to discover that she needed the very soul care she was providing to others. Tackling the effects of secondary trauma and burnout, this is a trauma-informed soul care guide for Christians working in high-stress, helping professions

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The pressures of medical school can have a major impact on students' mental health and wellness. In an AMA Annual Meeting session, one expert offered insight on taking care of yourself during medical school. As part of the interactive portion of the session, students offered their own. Offering clear strategies rooted in research and expert recommendations, First Aid for Teacher Burnout empowers teachers to prevent and recover from burnout while finding success at work. Each chapter explores a different common cause of teacher burnout and provides takeaway strategies and realistic tips Cure for Office Burnout: Mini Sabbaticals who studies how individuals recover from work. Employees' stress levels do go down after a few weeks away, she adds, but the benefits don't last. control of their condition. Recovery may include self-help, feelings of empowerment, an understanding of the mental illness, social networks, sense of hope, a meaningful role in society and a positive personal identity19. Learning is one way to improve wellbeing by addressing each of the aforementioned aspects of recovery

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  1. Background: Although autistic adults often discuss experiencing autistic burnout and attribute serious negative outcomes to it, the concept is almost completely absent from the academic and clinical literature.Methods: We used a community-based participatory research approach to conduct a thematic analysis of 19 interviews and 19 public Internet sources to understand and characterize.
  2. People perceive low academic performance as a failure in life so students are constantly under pressure to do well which can lead to burnout. In severe cases, burnout can lead to suicide, he said
  3. Clear difference: Compassion fatigue has a more rapid onset while burnout emerges over time. Compassion Fatigue has a faster recovery (less severe, if recognized and managed early). Symptoms of Compassion Fatigue - Affects many dimensions of your well-being - Nervous system arousal (Sleep disturbance) - Emotional intensity increase
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Background: Although autistic adults often discuss experiencing autistic burnout and attribute serious negative outcomes to it, the concept is almost completely absent from the academic and clinical literature. Methods: We used a community-based participatory research approach to conduct a thematic analysis of 19 interviews and 19 public Internet sources to understand and characterize. Overtraining occurs when a person exceeds their body's ability to recover from strenuous exercise. Overtraining can be described as a point where a person may have a decrease in performance and plateauing as a result of failure to consistently perform at a certain level or training load; a load which exceeds their recovery capacity. People who are overtrained cease making progress, and can. Job burnout has long been recognized as a problem that leaves once-enthusiastic professionals feeling drained, cynical, and ineffective. This article proposes two new approaches to the prevention of burnout that focus on the interaction between personal and situational factors Burnout or overtraining syndrome occurs when an athlete has worsening performance despite intense training. It is believed to result from a multitude of factors, such as constant high levels of physiologic or emotional stress, fatigue, immune system failure, or insufficient recovery time For counselling psychologists, the research sheds light on the subjective and interpersonal dimensions of academic burnout, the different manifestations of student burnout and the role of personal growth in recovering from burnout

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Tomorrow's Academic Careers ----- 1,115 words -----Avoid Burnout. How Long Have You Been Keeping This Pace? The average amount of time from entering grad school until getting tenure is more than 18 years! Wow Burnout this fall is going to be on 100, noted Ana Rosado, a doctoral candidate in history at Northwestern University, in a tweet that's been liked over 8,000 times. In response, Jessica Calarco, a sociologist and professor at Indiana University, tweeted it feels like she's already in week 11 of a 15-week semester. Despite the efforts of college leaders to push ahead with. We even discuss how to recover when burnout has set in. But as medical professionals, we know that the true value comes in prevention. And that means starting as a medical student entering residency Recovering Academic has been invited to the annual NPA Meeting in March, and we're raising money to travel there. Instead of just asking for donations ( you can, if you like, however! ), we're selling awesome Recovering Academic stickers for $5.00 each via Paypal link below and you can buy a Recovering Academic T-shirt at our Bonfire store. Remote work can contribute to fatigue and burnout. We used to transition from home to work, and we often had protected focus time while at work. Working at home while managing the needs of others, such as pets and small children, diminishes our ability to focus on one thing for a prolonged period

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Policymakers need to work with the scientific community to understand the implications of burnout and develop a comprehensive burnout prevention strategy, he said. Remember, if there is no health care workforce, we cannot recover from any pandemic, Dr. Kaushik said Introduction. Burnout is a chronic psychological syndrome that develops in reaction to prolonged exposure to work-related stress [ 1].It is considered a risk factor for poor mental and physical well-being and can adversely affect the health of working individuals [ 2].To find strategies to prevent burnout, it is important to not only understand the work-related factors associated with it but. We still continue to manage some all-day programming and at the same time balance that out with after-school programming and academic support, we're providing childcare so caregivers can go to work In Highland Park, the summer program has been a small academic-only remediation program for students with strong need and an extended school year program for students with special needs

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3. A change of pace boosts creativity. Another professional advantage from taking time off is a boost in creativity. Across countries and industries, CEOs rate creativity as the #1 most important trait for all incoming employees. Yet researcher Kyung Hee Kim, author of The Creativity Challenge, has shown that we are facing a dramatic creativity crisis, with creativity scores dropping. Burnout syndrome has been reported by healthcare professionals across all stages of their careers. 7- 16 In a study evaluating moral distress and burnout in internal medicine residents, 21% reported experiencing a high level of burnout; female residents, in particular, reported high levels of emotional exhaustion. 14 Reported burnout rates. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of.

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