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Why are the Northern Lights so frequent in the NWT? Because Canada's subarctic is blessed with crystal-clear nights, ultra-low humidity, and a perfect location directly beneath the Earth's band of maximal Auroral activity - the Auroral oval. There are two Aurora seasons in the Northwest Territories The Northern Lights are such a big deal in the Northwest Territories, that we even have Aurora forecasters who monitor solar activity to predict how intense the lights will be on any given evening. You could say the Northwest Territories has got the Northern Lights down to a science Northwest Territories Northern Lights Tours Throughout the NWT region are lodges and tours catering the crowds who visit the territory every season to experience the lights in the northern skies. Some of the tours provide accommodations, meals and transportation to Northern Lights viewing grounds Yellowknife is the capital of Canadian Northwest Territories, located on the Northern shore of Great Slave Lake. It lies just 512 km (318 mi) from the Arctic Circle and enjoys clear weather during most of the winter. Its dark. long and crisp winter nights are perfect for viewing beautiful northern lights Northern Lights Tours & Trips in Yukon And Northwest Territories Explore a wide diversity of northern lights tours through Yukon And Northwest Territories. We have 8 tours that vary from 3 days to 8 days. With the greatest number of departures in March, this is also the most popular time of the year

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The region is as remote as it is pristine. But travelers are drawn here from around the world to witness the splendor of the aurora borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights. Yellowknife is.. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories A sparse population, a flat, arid landscape and clear skies all add up to extreme likelihood you'll spot the northern lights in the Northwest Territories. However, Yellowknife is far enough north that it's best to visit between mid-November and April, when the nights are long and dark With the midnight sun slowly sinking lower on the horizon here in the Canadian Western Arctic, the 2016- 2017 Northern Lights season is quickly approaching... 2. Best place to see Northern Lights in Canada - Northwest territories. Another perfect place to see Northern Lights in Canada would be the Northwest Territories, where its capital, Yellowknife, is one of the most famous locations to enjoy this phenomenon. There are also numerous hotels and activity centers related to the Northern Lights here

Spectacular Northern Lights Canada and Warm Hospitality 3 Days | Northwest Territories Be entranced by the dazzling lights of the Aurora Borealis as they dance across the crisp Northern sky on this Yellowknife Northern Lights Tour. Watch the lights from unique swivel seats and then warm up with a hot drink in a cozy, heated teepee Tags: aurora borealis northern lights northwest territories yellowknife. About Author. Lora Pope is a solo female adventure travel blogger living nomadically around the world. Raised on a rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, she has a deep love for nature and wildlife. Lora has traveled to over 58 countries and is on a quest to visit them. On a quest for the Northern Lights, we enjoyed our visit to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Kick back at the Woodyard Brewhouse and see the area. The Northern Lights in remote Northwest Territories is a 7-day trip into the remote northern part of Canada. Your activities are included, so you can fill your days with fun outdoor sports or relax by the lake and appreciate the peaceful scenery Northern Lights, Yukon and Northwest Territories +1 more Travel Style Photography , Wildlife , Northern Lights , Group , Partially Guided , Easy , Discovery , Christmas & New Year +6 mor

The Northwest Territories: Located in Canada's far north, visitors have a higher chance of seeing the Northern Lights in this sparsely populated province during the late autumn and winter months when the days are the shortest - in late December, the sun sets at about 3pm Here are 8 cool (no pun intended) and unique ways to experience Nature's Greatest Light Show in the Northwest Territories: View the Lights from an outdoor hot tub at Blachford Lake Lodge; Ride a snowmobile out to Great Slave Lake; Take a sled dog tour out to a remote log cabin to get one-on-one with natur The Northwest Territories offer some of the best views in the whole Northern Hemisphere! The colorful lights include almost all colors such as deep purples, neon greens, bright yellows and orange-reds. Sometimes they even appear to glow with white light Yellowknife is one of THE best places to see the Northern Lights. We are directly under the Auroral Oval, and as you go farther north you actually can get less intense lights. Come either mid-September to early October for fall viewing, or January to March. By early April the sky stays light until very late into the night

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The Best under Northern Skies Yellowknife Outdoor Adventures offers half day, full day and longer trips through the summer, fall, winter and spring. In summer, fish spectacular Great Slave Lake for northern pike, or cruise and watch for birds and wildlife. In winter, view the northern lights by snowmobile, or drive an ice road You will be experience anywhere from 18 to 20 hours of daylight, with almost 20 - 24 hours of light in the sky. However, that in itself is amazing. Imagine seeing a gorgeous sunset at 11pm, and fantastic night skies at midnight. There is a reason why it's also know as the land of the midnight sun The Northwest Territories are one of the world's best places to watch the Northern Lights. Scientists say that's because the area sits directly beneath the aurora oval, a massive band of energy that encircles the north magnetic pole. If you add super clear skies and low humidity, you get an ideal location for aurora gazing

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  1. The tourism industry often trades on the auroral oval's traditional cultures: visitors can fill their days with reindeer encounters and drum circles. To indigenous communities of the region, the northern lights are familiar but worthy of respect. Many Inuit people in the Arctic share a myth of the lights, and call them aqsarniit
  2. See the northern lights over Great Slave Lake and enjoy wilderness, winter festivals, and local color in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, one of Canada's 50 Places of a Lifetime
  3. The very best place to see aurora borealis in Canada — if not the world — is the Northwest Territories, where they're generally visible 240 nights a year.The optimal timeframe is either fall or winter (though summer is pretty good, too).. Autumn - If solitude is your thing, take a scenic bush plane ride from Yellowknife to elegantly rustic fly-in Blachford Lake Lodge & Wilderness Resort
  4. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, is one of the top northern lights tourism destinations, and with good reason. Not only is Yellowknife - and most of the Northwest Territories - directly under the auroral oval, it is also mostly flat, providing unobstructed views of aurora borealis displays above
  5. Northern Lights. The spectacle of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is listed among the planet's greatest natural wonders. This is truly an experience you will never forget when you watch the sky become a living picture of colours. No wonder why people come to the Northwest Territories from all over the world to catch the show
  6. Yellowknife is the capital of Canada's Northwest Territories. It's also known as the Aurora Capital of North America. This package includes viewing the northern lights, visiting the tundra and.

Did you know the Auroral Oval—the halo of Northern Lights encircling Earth's geomagnetic poles—passes right overtop of Yellowknife, the capital city of and main entry point to the Northwest Territories? Averaging more than 200 days of clear aurora viewing per year, the NWT boasts the best Aurora viewing in the country. Visitors can view. In most Canadian provinces and territories, the capital city is not a good place to try and see the northern lights due to city lights and urban development. In Nunavut, that's not the case: capital city Iqaluit is an ideal base for an aurora expedition in the region From Iceland to Alaska, explore 11 of the best places around the world to see the Northern Lights. Destinations Food & Drink News Stay Video. Courtesy Northwest territories Tourism Enjoy watching LIVE the Northern Lights - Auroras - in Canada by viewing this LIVE Yellowknife Northern Lights Auroras webcam operated by the Canadian Space Agency at the Northwest Territories in Canada close to the Artic Circl

Visit one of the best places in the world to view the northern lights (aurora borealis) at this fly-in wilderness lodge near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Destination: Canada Iceland Canada Greenland Sweden Faroe Islands Norway Finland Baltic Countrie The eastern neighbor of Canada's Yukon is the Northwest Territories. Visitors have a 90-percent chance of seeing the northern lights in this less populated province during the winter months. 7 The road is situated at the northern tip of the Northwest Territories, a vast expanse almost three times the size of California, with a population of just over 43,000 people If you're looking for where to see the northern lights in Alaska, there's no doubt Borealis Basecamp is your best bet. The two-year-old hideaway, about an hour from Fairbanks, sits on 100 acres of pitch-black forest with nearly 250 nights of swirling northern lights views. And you don't have to step outside to see the brilliant scene

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  1. The Lights show at fly-in Blachford Lake Lodge in the Northwest Territories - Credit: Tessa MacIntosh It's possible to see the Lights (almost) anywhere in Canada during all four seasons. But the North is the best place to see them, and the place where they are the most active
  2. The more nights you stay in yellowknife, there are more chances to see aurora. For detailed information on Aurora, please visit: www.auroramax.com It is recommended to book your itinerary and activities as early as possible to avoid dissapointments
  3. Mar 25, 2021 - The Northwest Territories in northern Canada is one of the best places in the world to see the Aurora Borealis (also known as Northern Lights). See more ideas about northern lights, northwest territories, aurora borealis
  4. in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Yellowknife is the best place to view Aurora Borealis, also known as Northern Lights. Our Activities. Have fun in the nature. Aside from the natural beauty of the Aurora Borealis, there are plenty of other activities to choose from. About Yellowknife Tours

For residents living in the Northwest Territories, the future is looking very bright. From NWT to the world and back again - Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link and Northern Lights GP are working together to connect the north better than ever Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, is one of the best places in the world for viewing the northern lights. Not only is it directly under the auroral oval (so you are right under the lights as opposed to seeing them on the horizon), but it is mostly flat, providing unobstructed views of the dancing colours above The Northwest Territories in Canada are famous for diamonds, the gold rush and for being very, very, cold. But, Yellowknife is also famous for its food, outdoor celebrations, and of course, being one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada is one of our newest incentive program destinations.We know it is an amazing, if remote, location - and yet, many people have never heard of the place! We'd like to introduce you to this fascinating place by sharing some interesting facts about Yellowknife

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Aurora-Borealis. Aurora Village. To see the Northern Lights, you might think sub-arctic temperatures are all part of the experience but depending on how far. The Northwest Territories is a federal territory of Canada. At a land area of approximately 1,144,000 km 2 , it is the second-largest and the most populous of the three territories in Northern Canada. Its estimated population as of 2019 is 44,826 he otherworldly Northern Lights are one of Canada's winter drawcards. The pristine wilderness surrounding the Yukon capital of Whitehorse and the remote Northwest Territories settlement of Yellowknife are amongst the best places in the country to view this phenomenon. Our featured lodges all offer visitors th

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Think of all the light festivals you've attended in the city and multiply that experience by a million; it still won't come close to witnessing the Aurora Borealis in the world's Northern Lights mecca. In the Northwest Territories, the Aurora sends beams of emerald and jade into the dark sky an average of 200 nights per year Lovely colours and tones of this Northern lights in Northwest Territories. I like warm light from igloo and of course the colored Northern lights is fantastic.I enjoy it a lot and thanks for sharing! *Denis. Nelu_Goia (3116) 2007-03-27 1:54. Hi Virgile, This is too perfect to be true:) My sincere congratulations Northwest Territories Northern Lights 4 Days / 3 Nights Roundtrip Yellowknife Price from $1,343. Need Help? 1800 155 044 info@worldjourneys.com.au. Make enquiry. More Canada. Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Safari. 8 Days / 7 Nights. FROM $14,196. Haida Gwaii. 8 Days / 7 Nights

Where to go: Many parts of northern Canada witness the aurora borealis regularly, but the extremely remote Yukon and Northwest Territories are some of the top spots to see the natural light show. How to go: In Yellowknife, the Northern Lights are visible up to 240 days of the year. At Aurora Village—an Aboriginal-owned and operated gathering of 21 tepees surrounding a frozen lake—guests. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories is located at 68° North magnetic latitude, an ideal location for auroral observation. Even when solar activity is low, auroras can be seen almost every night above Yellowknife and across northern Canada Head to Yellowknife, one of the best places in the world to view the Northern Lights and enjoy two nights Aurora Viewing with Yellowknife Outdoor Adventures. Travel in a heated, snow-tracked van to our cozy wilderness cabin on Great Slave Lake and take in the spectacular light show Welcome to Northern Lights Council. Discover skills, friendships & adventures you just won't find anywhere else. The Northern Lights Council serves Northwest Territories and Alberta, as far south as 20km south of Red Deer, carrying out Scouts Canada's mission of developing well-rounded youth prepared to make the world a better place What: The reason most people visit Yellowknife - to witness the magical northern lights Location + Cost: Anywhere in Yellowknife, preferably away from city lights and cloud cover.Free to see 'em alone, prices for tours vary. We paid $120 per person for our tour with Sean Norman, further details below.. Ticking off the northern lights is a quintessential bucket list item, and had been on my.

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  1. Situated on the Northern shore of Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife is the capital of the Northwest Territories, Canada. Founded in 1934, the city is located in the traditional territory of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation who founded the nearby community of Dettah in the early 1930s
  2. es nearby, it is also known as the Diamond Capital of North America. Yellowknife is a small-but-unique town of about 18,000 people located on the shore of Great Slave Lake
  3. The Chateau Nova Yellowknife is a new, modern, full-service hotel, and the perfect back for your Yellowknife Winter Tour. The hotel includes a fitness center, steam room, sauna, and a restaurant and lounge

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  1. This image of dancing Northern Lights over Tibbitt Lake captures the beauty of the night sky in the Canadian Northwest Territories and is the perfect wall décor to show off your love of the outdoors. It would make a great addition to your home or office or would suit perfectly with your cabin o
  2. ★ Northern Lights Special Care Home ★ Gd, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, 8678725403 ★ Care Home, Home Care, Lights, Northern Lights, special care, Special Care Hom
  3. The city has the distinction of being the Northwest Territories' set of the government. It was way back in November 1993 when the opening of the Legislative Assembly took place. Some of the best outdoor activities in Yellowknife include catching the stunning northern lights in Aurora Village, hiking along Cameron Falls Trail, strolling.
  4. Northern Spirit Regional Council The Northern Spirit Regional Council is a collection of Communities of Faith serving in northeastern British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and northern Alberta, united in bringing God's hope, peace, joy and love to our part of God's creation
  5. Leave the bright lights of Yellowknife behind and travel into Canada's mighty Northwest Territories with your guide. Visit a range of different viewing locations under cover of darkness and watch the skies for the spectacular Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis

Just in case you wanted to see the Northern Lights and get married right afterwards. >> Book flights to Finland or read our Finland travel guide . Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada. Tuktoyaktuk is an Inuvialuit hamlet situated in the Inuvik region that is part of the Northwest Territories in Canada Ski, dog sled or snowmobile to a particularly clear spot and make an activity out of it. Or look through your hotel window and marvel at Mother Nature. This isn't an attraction in the traditional sense, but you can't really talk about the Northwest Territories without talking about the Northern Lights The Northern Lights can be found in the aurora zone in the Northern Hemisphere. This is an area of 2,000-3,000km from the magnetic pole, or at a latitude of 66 to 69 degrees north. The closer you are to this region, the better your odds of catching the lights

We've all heard about the Northern Lights, and many of us have dreamed about traveling north to see them with our own eyes.Some of us are even fortunate enough to have made the journey. Aurora Borealis is one of the great draws to the Northwest Territories, but anyone who has truly explored the region will tell you that the aurora is just the beginning—it's a beautiful backdrop for the. Located on Great Slave Lake, the 10th largest lake and the deepest lake on earth, the Trout Rock Lodge is a cozy and rustic lodge that's located one hour outside of Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories and directly under the Auroral Oval. The design and location of the lodge allow for optimal photography and viewing Long Term Care is a home-like facility that provides care and services for people who no longer are able to live independently or who require onsite nursing care, 24-hour supervision, or personal support Territories 2018 SWANA NORTHERN LIGHTS CONFERENCE, EDMONTON, ALBERTA May 10, 2018 ___ Overview of Study 2 STUDY OF WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS IN THE NORTHWEST TERRITORIES • Site visits completed to 31 waste management sites across the NWT in 2014 and 2015 to provide consistent assessment o Northwest Territories Northern Lights. Sparkle is a tame description of the sky full of shimmering, fiery northern lights most clear winter nights over Yellowknife. REQUEST A QUOTE. Yellowknife is one of the best place to view the Aurora Borealis, also know has the Northern Lights

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Before you head to see the northern lights in Yellowknife, there are few important things to know about them. The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis name comes from ancient times, a blend of Aurora (the Roman Goddess of Dawn) and Borealis (meaning morning light coming from the North) in Latin The purpose of the Northern Lights Gardening Handbook is to encourage production of locally grown produce in small communities of the NWT. A successful garden brings with it the far-reaching effects of improved nutrition and eating habits and a community independence from transported foods The best time to see the northern lights is between December and March, because the nights are long and the skies are very dark. NWT golf courses. Northwest Territories has eight golf courses and driving ranges. The 18-hole course in Yellowknife is the oldest and busiest, with sand and gravel fairways and Astroturf greens Fishermen in northern Sweden took the lights as a good prophecy, believing they were reflecting large schools of herring in nearby seas. 15. If you whistled at the aurora, some Native Americans believed it would sweep down and take you away. Clapping your hands, however, caused the lights to retreat, keeping you safe Legend of the Northern Lights An Ojibwa Legend. Many of us who live in the Northern areas of the American Continent have had the delightful experience of watching the magnificent display of moving multi-coloured, misty lights, as they flash across the night skies

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Look no further than the capital of Canada's Northwest Territories, which has a second aurora borealis observation season in late summer/early fall, in addition to the traditional winter viewing. The Northern Lights (aurora borealis) are an atmospheric phenomenon, and very hard to predict. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories . Capital Suites Yellowknife. 121 Reviews . View Hotel. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories . Super 8 by Wyndham Yellowknife. 285 Reviews The northern lights are caused by plasma from the Sun colliding with the Earth's atmosphere. Canada: This remote town of 20,000 people in the Northwest Territories of Canada boasts aurora. Northern Sun. Similar to the South, days become shorter towards December 21st, and then grow longer leading into June 21st. The further north you are, the further the extremes of light and dark. While the NWT's winter darkness is the perfect backdrop for vampire thrillers, the summer sun is forgiving The Northern Lights are one nature's greatest displays of true beauty. Being a small isolated city in Northwest Territories there is little light pollution and the land is fairly flat with.

Witness the magic of the Northern Lights, navigate rapid waters, angle for unbelievably big fish or explore breathtaking rugged mountains. One thing is for sure: when you leave the spectacular Northwest Territories, you will have stories to tell and memories that will last a lifetime The Northwest Territories (abbr. NT or NWT) is a federal territory of Canada. At a land area of approximately 1,144,000 km 2 (442,000 sq mi) and a 2016 census population of 41,790, it is the second-largest and the most populous of the three territories in Northern Canada. Its estimated population as of 2020 is 45,161. Yellowknife is the capital, most populous community, and only city in the. According to the city, Yellowknife is the best place in the world to view the Northern Lights.There's a 90% chance you will see them in the less-populated Canadian territory because of the city's clear nights, flat landscape, and position directly under the auroral oval

Northern lights provide spectacular nightly show in Northwest Territories . Blazes of glory . Sunday, January 26, 2003. By Eric Lindberg . YELLOWKNIFE, Northwest Territories -- At a time of year when many Americans are fleeing winter's bite by heading south to sandy beaches and fruity umbrella drinks, I've headed north Clothing: Even in August — with the latter half of the month considered a good time to catch the northern lights — Yellowknife's minimum temperature was an average 11.8 C in 2017, according. The history of the Northwest Territories covers the period from thousands of years ago to the present day. Prior to European colonization, the lands that encompass present-day Northwest Territories were inhabited for millennia by several First Nations.European explorers and fur traders began to explore the region since the late-16th century YELLOWKNIFE, Northwest Territories Japanese tourists crammed aboard the small bus shrieked with delight as emerald streaks of the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, flashed and faded in the. When the Northern lights dance, romance is in the air. There's no better place to celebrate your love than under the dazzling aurora in Northwest Territories, Canada

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The aurora borealis appears over Great Bear Lake, the world's 8th largest lake in Deline, Northwest Territories, Canada, September 2016. REUTERS/Pat Kane R / Thursday, October 06, 201 The northern lights are most frequently visible every 11 years or so during peaks in the solar cycle. curls of the aurora can be seen near the border of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Northern Lights Northwest Territories, March 2008, Canada Photographic Print by Eric Baccega. Find art you love and shop high-quality art prints, photographs, framed artworks and posters at Art.com. 100% satisfaction guaranteed On winter nights in the Northwest Territories, the Aurora Borealis is often so vivid it seems close enough to touch. Far from city lights, stand on a frozen lake and watch the night sky light up. When the aurora is overhead, as it is in the Northwest Territories, you can almost feel the lights wrap ghostly fingers around you Nunavut is a choice destination, both for viewing the northern lights and for cultural engagement. The territory was separated from the Northwest Territories in 1999 and is now mostly governed by the Inuit. With beautiful art and cultural exhibits that showcase life unique to the region, Iqaluit is a landmark for its collections

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Stay here Aurora Village is found near Yellowknife, in Canada's Northwest Territories, and you can probably guess from its name that it's a great place to see the Northern Lights. Spend the. Northern lights The WAG's Qaumajuq Inuit art centre brings warm glow of appreciation, connection, collaboration and reconciliation to Winnipeg (northern Northwest Territories), Nunavut.

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Northwest Territories Residential Housing. Housing in the NWT is often more expensive than the Canadian average, due to the costs associated with building structures capable of withstanding the cold climate. The average price of a house in the territory ranges from $275,000 to $310,000, making it one of the most expensive housing markets in Canada The Northwest Territories (NWT) is a vast wilderness area that is a part of Northern Canada.Summer in the NWT offers open water, camping, hot weather and the midnight sun. Autumn offers vivid colours in the mountains and bountiful berry-picking in the Barrenlands, and excellent opportunities to see the Aurora Borealis You could also look for them in Russia, Alaska, and Canada's northwest territories. Why are the Nordic destinations ideal for northern lights viewing? Because they are located in the aurora zone. The aurora zone. The aurora zone (or northern lights belt) is a latitudinal oval between 65-72°N In late 2017, an all-weather highway opened in the Northwest Territories, reindeer herding, and northern lights viewing—aim for February for longer daylight hours

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We are going to YK for the Northern Light in early April this year. Have anybody seen the lights at this time as most people suggested Jan, Feb and March. Thanks. Northwest Territories . Capital Suites Yellowknife. 121 Reviews . View Hotel. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories . Super 8 by Wyndham Yellowknife. 288 Reviews Panorama of the northern lights over Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Stocktrek Images, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: 2BERNTH. This is a 300 degree panorama of the northern lights over Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, on the night of September 6-7, 2019, during a sub-storm outbreak at 12:45 a.m. when the sky went wild with aurora Fish pristine waters where you can dip your cup and take a thirst quenching drink, walk on time-honoured caribou trails in the barrenlands of Canada's Northwest Territories. See aurora and be transformed by the immensity of the barrens all the while enjoying award-winning customer service in the comfort of our lodge Yellowknife (/ ˈ j ɛ l oʊ n aɪ f /; Dogrib: Sǫǫ̀mbak'è) is the capital, only city, and largest community in the Northwest Territories, Canada.It is on the northern shore of Great Slave Lake, about 400 km (250 mi) south of the Arctic Circle, on the west side of Yellowknife Bay near the outlet of the Yellowknife River Summer & Winter Adventures in Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alaska excellent organization friendly hosts brilliant exposure to nature and a once in a lifetime experience viewing the northern lights in Yukon. SrikumarG. Thank you for the wonderful time we had on your tour

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  1. However the best places to watch the lights (in North America) are in the northwestern parts of Canada, particularly the Yukon, Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Alaska. Auroral displays can also be seen over the southern tip of Greenland and Iceland, the northern coast of Norway and over the coastal waters north of Siberia
  2. Serving thousands of adult and youth Scouts across Northwest Territories, northern and central Alberta, the Northern Lights Council carries out Scouts Canada's mission of developing well-rounded youth prepared to make the world a better place
  3. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, is one of the best places in the world for viewing the northern lights. See more ideas about northern lights, northwest territories, northern canada. However, Yellowknife is far enough north that it's best to visit between mid-November and April, when the nights are long and dark. 288 Reviews
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Welcome to the Northern Lighthouse Project website! The Northern Lighthouse Project is a new community outreach initiative dedicated to raising local awareness of space weather, geomagnetic storms and the science and splendour of Canada's Northern Lights. Yellowknife Auroras. Auroras are common above Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Very. Sep 25, 2020 - The Aurora Borealis northern lights are vibrant and bright in Canada's Northwest Territories. Come on over to experience nature's own spectacular light show. (Oh, and while you're here, perhaps we can tempt you with some fishing, hunting, canoeing, or dog sledding?). See more ideas about northwest territories, aurora borealis northern lights, experience nature Visit the official tourism site of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada to discover activities like Aurora viewing, dog sledding, fishing, hiking, camping, and festivals. Our onsite professional tour operators will ensure the trip of a lifetime The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre (PWNHC) in Yellowknife is the Northwest Territories' museum and archives. It displays and preserves important documents, photos, sound recordings, artifacts, and other materials related to the history of this vast northern region Yellowknife is the capital and only city, as well as the largest community, in the Northwest Territories, Canada. It is located on the northern shore of Great Slave Lake, approximately 400 km south of the Arctic Circle, on the west side of Yellowknife Bay near the outlet of the Yellowknife River

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